Free iPad Apps

Lots of great apps available today!  Thanks to Mark Coppin for sharing these suggestions:

****  McGraw Hill’s Everyday Mathematics apps are free again today.

****  All of Assistiveware apps are 50% off today through tomorrow (4-4) in honor of Autism Acceptance Month. This includes Proloquo2Go!

Free apps
MonsterMe by MonsterCreate –
My First Keyboard –
ABA Flash Cards & Games – Emotions –
Even Monsters Get Sick –
Everyday Mathematics® Divisibility Dash™ –
Everyday Mathematics® Baseball Multiplication™ 1-12 Facts –
Everyday Mathematics® Subtraction Top-It™ –
Everyday Mathematics® Baseball Multiplication™ 1–6 Facts –
Everyday Mathematics® Beat the Computer™ Multiplication –
Everyday Mathematics® Equivalent Fractions™ –
Everyday Mathematics® Name That Number™ –
Everyday Mathematics® Tric-Trac™ –
Everyday Mathematics® Addition Top It –
Everyday Mathematics® Monster Squeeze™ –

Your thoughts are appreciated!

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