Educational Learning Consultant by day and Premiere Managing Executive Stylist with Color By Amber (Steph’s Style Stories) by night. I’m also an Educational Technology and Design student (ETAD) with two more classes left on my journey to completing my masters.

I’ve worked in education for 17 years as a Teacher (Biology, Science, Photography, Video Editing, Science & more), Learning Resource Facilitator, Differentiated Instruction Facilitator and currently as a Learning Consultant.

I joined Color By Amber as a stylist in August 2014 when it launched in Canada and am continually inspired by CBA to pursue my passions, grow as a leader, challenge myself to reach new goals and connect with talented entrepreneurs.

I’m a life long learner and am continually searching for new learning opportunities and challenges. One of my favourite ways to learn is to listen to a good book or a great TED Talk while I’m travelling for my job. In my spare time, I enjoy photography, reading, gardening and wellness.

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  • Twitter – @Stephanie_Pipke

  • Facebook – Stephanie Painchaud

  • Professional Facebook Account – Mrs. Pipke-Painchaud

  • Instagram – @Stephs_Style_Stories

    • Stephs Style Stories evolved from the idea that we each have our own story to tell and we all add our own style to the stories we share.

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  • What’s Your Story with Steph & Tracy

    • We all have a story that shapes our lives.  What’s your story? started as a joint venture with my friend Tracy as a way for us to share what we’ve learned and inspire others to continue learning and writing their own stories.  Because what you do today will change your story tomorrow!

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