An Overview of “Situated Cognition”

An Overview of
Chapter 5 Situated Cognition
By Marcy P. Driscoll

Driscoll provided a straight forward overview of situated cognition and it’s connection to communities of practice.  In particular, I was interested in learning participation and how a learner’s trajectory leads to full participation and access to insider knowledge.  Being in a group implies legitimate peripheral participation because learning is only facilitated if you are actually part of the group.  Driscoll often cited Lave & Wenger’s (1991) work as she explained the diversity of apprenticeship in learning. Whether you are on the peripheral, inbound, an insider, on the boundary or on an outbound path, your learning is impacted and potentially limited by your participation in the group.  Driscoll skillfully connected situated cognition, apprenticeship, learning trajectory, and semiosis all while examining the implications of situated cognition for instruction.